World's Most Valuable/ Expensive Sunglasses?

Diamonds... These #9FIVE KLS 2's are drowning in about 900 of them. More on that later.

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9FIVE "Mosaic" Collection Now Live on

The entire #9FIVE "Mosaics" LTD collection is now live on Don't sleep on this incredibly unique, laser etched and hand leather wrapped eyewear collection. All lenses are polarized, but also comes with option for clear lens reader. 

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Before you go out and cop someone something they don't want this weekend, note that you can now purchase online gift cards good for use on all 9FIVE products on We have an amount that works for anyone, and the best part is, if you cop a card for $100 or more, we are going to give you a separate gift card for $25, for free. It will automagically be added to your shopping cart when you check out. 

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Get a first glimpse of the IXV Watch line from 9FIVE on right now by clicking HERE...

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Each week on Audio/Visual, 9FIVE, in partnership with Tony Hawk's RIDE Channel, brings you new skateboarding content from the 9FIVE Skate team, paired with unreleased music that can be downloaded for free on by clicking the link in the description of the video.

This week we have a Chicano Park ledge session with 9FIVERS Larelle Gray and Kellen James, and an unreleased track from King Choosey, entitled "Ain't Nothin". Download this song for free at


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